Astral Projection Binaural Beat Recordings

Binaural Beats for Astral Projection Dreaming

It should be noted right from the start that if you’re not using a binaural or isochronal recording to help your astral projection attempts, you are making it needlessly difficult for yourself.

The two main prerequisites to astral projection dreams are having the correct frame of mind and then attaining the right state of mind. Optimum conclusions regarding astral projection dreaming facilitates your astral projection dreams.

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Have you watched Avatar?  Did you see it in 3D or on a normal 2-dimension screen?  The insects really struck me in the 3D version.  Astral Projection does that to your dreams.  You can see people in your normal dreams but when you astral project into your dreams, emotions and thoughts flow in currents around the figures.  A dream transforms from mundane to spectacular because of the increased depth of the astral projection dream.

Astral Projection Dreaming Needs a Stop Snoring Solution

Stop Snoring Solution to Astral Projection Dreaming

Is it possible that the only thing standing between you and your enjoying astral projection dreaming is your snoring?  I know that I do snore occasionally so I tried a stop snoring pillow and some stop snoring exercise.  I do know the physical effects and even the sound of my own snoring can put a damper on whatever astral dream I’m having when the snoring starts.

Some people have a sever snoring problem, I think that’s called sleep apnea but I’m not an expert on snoring, I only know about astral projection dreaming.  For those with a sever snoring problem, I’ve seen stop snoring products like a stop snoring strap and a stop snoring mouthpiece advertised on a stop snoring review site.  I’ve even heard that there is a stop snoring surgery available but I suppose the snoring problem has to be pretty problematic before that avenue is worth walking down.

During astral projection dreaming your consciousness is away from your body but there is always a linkage between you and your body.  Some people see this linkage as a silver cord and won’t argue that point here, but I do have issues with the silver cord issue.  But you do certainly retain a positive link with your body and the sense organs attached to your body.  When your body snores, your body feels it and your physical ears hear it.  Even though your astral projection dream has you away in astral space, the physical information is passed within to you.  That is distracting and it defeats the astral dream.

Think of it this way.  You’re away on the perfect holiday on a tropical beach.  The salt air, sunshine and the sound of the waves are gently rinsing away your stress from the work-a-day world.  Suddenly your cell loudly and obnoxiously rings to alert you to a call from your boss.  He is screaming at you to get back to the office because the bottom just dropped out of the world.  That is snoring to an astral projection dream and that’s why I went with the stop snoring pillow and the exercises.

As I said though, for my own snoring difficulties where they interfered with my enjoyment of astral projection dreaming, I went with a stop snoring pillow and some stop snoring exercises.  You’ll try whatever you think best for you because I’m really not an expert in snoring.  Try a good stop snoring website to read up on stop snoring straps, mouthpieces, pillows, exercises, surgery or other stop snoring solution you need.  But do stop snoring and enjoy astral projection dreaming.

Dream Health and Fitness to Reality

Dreaming Health and Fitness into Reality

This isn’t quite a health and fitness anecdote I’m going to relate here but I’m using it to illustrate how dreams are precursors to reality, or in fact how dreams bring reality into existence.  Then you can take that vision forward into your health and fitness goals to experience better weight losses.

I had a dream the other day about my ship coming in – literally.  The ship in question was a luxury yacht that has my name emblazoned on the prow.  I usually play a particular set of lottery numbers but I’m not faithful about it.  I thought about the dream and decided I should definitely buy that ticket because my ship was coming in and I didn’t want to be at the airport.  But I ended up forgetting to buy and guess what.  All my numbers came up but I didn’t have them.

Health and Fitness Issues

If I had bought that lottery ticket as my dream told me I should do, I would’ve been able to buy that dream yacht and have my name painted on it.  I didn’t and I could’ve had millions but honestly, I don’t actually care.  I’m not money fixated.  My health and my fitness are more important and that’s why I wanted to relate this anecdote to you.

Dreams really do predict the future but that future is not fixed in time.  You can change your health and fitness by changing the way you dream about it.  You can learn to steer your dreams and when you do, the world awaits.  Your health and fitness goals are just a tiny step away and your dream weight losses will follow.


Why Normal Dreams are Different from Astral Projection Sleep

Astral Projection Dreams

When you remember your dreams at, are they fuzzy and incoherent?  Do you ever wonder why people talk about astral projection dreams as if the images were in sharp focus and with subject matter actually make sense?  What is the quality of normal dreams so badly reduced from dreams during astral projection sleep?

I live in Canada and the most recently produced large denomination currency here is made of plastic paper.  One of the special features of these new banknotes is that the denomination is visual and it is also in braille for the blind.  I run my finger over the braille bumps on the $50 and then over the $100 but my sense of touch is not anywhere near sensitive enough to differentiate between the two.  I can’t imagine myself ever being able to read a book in braille.

But if I were to become actually blind I’m sure that I would soon be able to read in braille because when one primary sense is lost, the others become extra keen in order to compensate.  Or is that the real situation?  How could a sense of touch suddenly become more acute when the skin and nerves remain the same?  I suggest that the actual sense doesn’t improve but rather that blind person is able to employ more attention and brainpower to the tactile sense because those mental resources are not being used by processing and interpreting the input of the lost sense of sight.  Or to put it simply, a blind person’s ability to feel a braille embossed surface does not have the distraction of a visual stream of data.   So what the heck does this have to do with astral projection dreams being different from normal sleep?

Enjoy Astral Projection Dreams Easily

Well what you’ve been taught, told, or just believed about your imagination is not actually correct.  Your imagination is not your mind’s creativity.  Your imagination is the primary sensory organ that you view what is actually happening in the astral realm with.  Your dreams are not something you’re making up in your head.  Those low resolution dreams are actual presentations that you are watching, hearing and feeling through your sense of imagination.

And the difference between astral projection dreams and dreams during normal sleep is the same as the difference between a blind person’s ultra sensitive sense of touch and my inability to tell a $50 note from a $100 bill by feeling the braille.

Astral Projection Sleep

When your consciousness leaves your body for an astral projecting trip, you will experience a sudden feeling of ultimate freedom.  I believe that a substantial part of that feeling of liberty is that your consciousness no longer has the strenuous task of processing and interpreting all the clutter of input from the physical eyes, ears, nose and from millions of nerve endings.  And without other distractions, the entire focus of a consciousness can be on what the imagination is seeing and hearing during an astral projection dream.

Try thinking of your imagination during an astral projection sleep dream and while being in a normal sleep dream as being like looking at the stars through a space based telescope or through a ground based one.  Obviously the cloudy blanket of the atmosphere drastically reduces the high definition image quality.

My last words here in this astral projection dreams article are blunt ones.  Do you believe your spirit will have an eternity?  Well, what enjoyment would you have in heaven if you were deaf and blind there because physical ears and eyes were left behind in your buried or cremated body.  Of course your soul has sensory capability.  The spirit sees, hears, smells and feels by the imagination and when you come to grips with what the imagination really is then you’ll be ready to experience some truly amazing astral vistas and enjoy some fabulous astral projection dreams with it.